Video SEO Marketing

SEO for Video


Why you need Video SEO

Video SEO Marketing is a strategy that requires consistent technical video skills and optimizing skills. 2017 has seen massive growth in Google search queries for video content because your customers find this a much easier way to view information, especially via mobile and tablet devices when they are ‘on the go’.
And we’re geared up and ready to support you. With our proven knowledge and expertise in online and video SEO marketing, you’ll reap the benefits by staying ahead of the competition curve.

What We Do

3x Video Channels/Accounts Set Up
Aside from a branded business YouTube channel, we’ll set up branded business accounts for you on the two other major video-sharing websites: Vimeo and Daily Motion.

YouTube Channel Optimisation

We’ll set up and optimise your YouTube channel to ensure that your brand and video content is well represented on this video-sharing website. We’ll customise your channel settings, create custom channel art and icons, optimise your channel profile, generate video playlists, and customise individual sections.

Video Production

We’ll create a professional video for your YouTube, Daily Motion, and Facebook channels. We’ll handle every aspect of video creation, such as story board writing, image and music sourcing, as well as logo inclusion. Each video is also bolstered with the proper calls to action and can be shared on your Social Media Accounts as well as be used for any television advertising.

Video SEO

We’ll optimise these videos to ensure that they’re indexed and ranked by all the major search engines, so that your video can be easily found. Among other measures, we’ll perform video title optimisation, video description writing and optimisation, as well as category and tags optimisation.

Video Content Distribution

We’ll upload the video/s we create to your company YouTube, Vimeo & Daily Motion channels. We then give you the video in any format/s you would like so you can also use it for your own website, share it on your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media, or submit it for your Television or Video advertising.