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Hi Jamie,

As you know our business has undergone a major revamp along with our branding. We were dismayed upon checking that our positions in Google had dropped off dramatically since our name change. When you approached us, we were a little skeptical since we had a previous poor experience with another company who did nothing for us except take our money.

I’m writing to let you know that our enquiries have noticeably increased in only 4 months of our SEO campaign and our sales from last month confirm that we are attracting a greater conversion rate.

I thank you and your team for the dedication and effort you have shown toward our business and we are happy to continue working with you.


Grant POwnerMelbourne
Firstpoint Digital

Hi Jamie,
Since you guys setup Brand Establisher, we have seen more website visitors coming in from the extra site network now in place. We seem to get higher than usual traffic from people using a mobile phone and that is really exciting for us. As you know, most of our customers are referrals already so we know that when new customers are finding us they are doing so by seeing us in Facebook or YouTube and then linking back to our website. We even had an inquiry recently for some major works that has now turned into one of our largest repeat customers.

We have already recommended your expertise to our suppliers which are also in need of digital marketing help.

Keep up the good work!


Firstpoint Digital

thanks to all the team at Firstpoint Digital.
Our business required a total re-brand and we needed to get an expert opinion and strategy structure from the outset. Our physical business now totals 10 stores and is growing rapidly. As a hands-on Director, I am convinced the decision to have Firstpoint Digital at the helm of our digital & social Marketing was the right move. We are thoroughly impressed with the new website and the frequent marketing communications through all our social channels is delivering viral growth. This is translating into foot traffic through our stores and we continue to work with the team to achieve greater goals in the year ahead.

Brad S

Brad SDirector
Firstpoint Digital

As a small business, we entrusted Firstpoint Digital to give us a new website that would attract new customers who were looking for our services online or while using a mobile phone. We have noticed a steady increase in online inquiries soon after the web build.

This has really delivered for us by helping us to secure more contract work and we have no hesitation in recommending these guys.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
Firstpoint Digital

We are pleased with the increasing number of people who are now visiting our website.  Your team certainly know how to get results in a very competitive industry where others have been unsuccessful.

Thank you again

R PedersonMarketing Manager