Local Search wins more new Mobile Customers

More than ever before, mobile devices are being used every minute of the day by consumers who are passing nearby local businesses and looking for easy to view Mobile Friendly websites and immediacy of information. We mentioned the impact of Mobile Friendliness as per the Google Algorithm change back in February this year.

Smart business owners are taking advantage of this growing phenomenon by building a Mobile Friendly website plus they are moving to Local SEO marketing to be much more visible from mobile devices and tablets.

Increasingly we are also seeing GPS, Maps and Navigation being used to find immediate business information including directions, location data, hours of operation and phone contact information. Traditional SEO has relied more on keywords whereas now geo location is of major importance.

Voice search via Siri (for iOS devices) and Google App (Android) now also accounts for the growing number of consumer location based searches.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not yet appreciate this major shift in consumer behaviour and we regularly find ourselves educating and empowering our clients with the knowledge they need so they can make informed decisions about how to best market their unique products and services.

Our Local Business product, Local Buzz is designed specifically for Local business owners who want to capture more customers as they travel nearby to their physical location. Up to date, relevant business information must be easily found as people want immediacy when searching from their mobile.

Local Buzz makes your business highly visible on any mobile or tablet device. It can make the difference between getting new customers who find you first or missing them because you are simply not visible from their mobile when they are searching.


How much business are you losing out to your local competitors by not being visible on mobile? You just may never know.

You need to have a Mobile Friendly Website as a minimum! Why? Because 83% of consumers now expect to see a Mobile Friendly website.

You can then work on building your digital footprint with Local SEO for mobiles.

Local Buzz is a game changer that is designed to give Local Businesses high visibility through complete and consistent information through Local Business Listings, Citations, Reviews and more; all created and fully-optimised to give your local business the best chance of appearing highly visible when people are searching from a mobile device.

We give your business a real boost in visibility when your targeted customer is in buying mode and searching for your product or service because they want that information immediately.

Get in touch with us on 0407 87 51 45 if you would like to hear how we can help your local business get much more from mobile customers.

Infographic supplied by Hubshout